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Longarm BERNINA Q20 a Q24

The first longarm, made with swiss sewing machines producer BERNINA.

You can choose table version with longarm Bernina Q20  or frame version with longarm BERNINA Q24 alebo Q20

 quiltovacie-stroje-bernina-s-dlhym-ramenom Why longarm BERNINA?

1/ Big quilting throad space:

Lenght of Bernina longarms is 61cm for Q24 and  51cm for Q20.

2/ The same length of all stitches and four work modes

Couple of laser sensors insures the same length of each stitch from 1 till 25 mm.  laserová pätka BERNINA (BSR = Bernina Stitch Regulátor) is 10 years old, but this swiss patent was not owercome with anybody. Perfect stitching is one of the most significant advantage of longarm Bernina. Customer can work with 4 possible modes - BSR 1 for thick threads, BSR 2 for ruler work, BSR 3 for tacking and Manual mode for quilting with steady speed from 0 till 2200 stitches per minute

3/ BERNINA longarm uses domestic needles 130/705H (flat back)

Customer can match needle size and type with multiple types of thread and multiple modes of work. Smaller needles make smaller holes in fabric so the finished quilt looks better.  It is  also possible to choose metafill needle for metalic threads, Jeans needle for quilting on jeans fabric, cordonet needle for thick threads and so on.

4/ Digital Electronic Thread Tension for upper thread

Customer is able to adjust upper thread tension easy and quickly. Numerical value is accessible on screen and can be adjusted for each thread, saved in new profile and memorized. Quilting Stitches will be nice and their tension will be optimal. In this new profile customer is able to memorise not only tension of upper thread, but also optimal lenght and speed for every special thread. The work with cotton, rayon thread, viscose,  polyester or metallic thread is not problem any more.

5/Inique User Interface

Big centrally lokated touch colour screen with very easy navigation system is unique in longarm word. Customer can find stitch counter, calculator or videotutorials on screedn.  Help Functionality can help you not only in English, but also in Slovak or Czech language. ECO mode saves energy and prohibit unintentcional working during phone calls or children visit

6/ Quick easy threading and bobbin winding in front area saves time  and increases comfort

Thoughtfully positioned Vertical spool holder for two threads is in front of machine easy to reach. Forward threading path is simple to follow and quick. On-board bobbin winder (M Class bobbin) makes it convenient to wind coordinating bobbin threads for your projects, independent of machine operation. You do not have to after each thread break from front parto of machine to back.  Needle Threader is unique in longarm word! And you can change your foot or stitch plate without screwdriver! You can choose from different quilting feet, for example: foot No.43 for quilting with cord ...No.9, No.15, No.24 for good visibility, quilting and embroidery Foot No.26 for painting with needle, transparent quilting foot No.29, Foot No.44 for work with Q-matic, Foot No. 72 with variable hight of sole for ruler work on thick bating, Foot. No.96 for ruler work

7/ Unique programable fully adjustable handles Rukoväte s plynulým nastavením polohy v 3 smeroch a 4 programovateľnými funkciami

BERNINA longarm handles are fully adjustable in all direction and care after your quilting comfort.You will prefer one position for pantograph work, another for microquilting handles and you will change their position during rulerwork depending of ruler and its position. Individually programmable buttons serve to keep your frequently used functions at your fingertips. By the way, you can rotate also buttons with functions, so they are comfortable for you in each position of handles.

You quilt with pantograph from back side of frame with help of pantograph handles and rear screen. Press any button to swith between fron and back control.

8/ Unique upper thread tension control

BERNINA is only one machine on the market, which  releases tension by lifting quilting foot  and simplify significantly the threading of upper thread.

You can easy change numerical upper tension values for each thread. No, you do not have to write values of each thread tension! Create new user profile for each of them! You can return to it, when you will use this special thread again.

9/ Quilting speed

With speed 2200 stitches per minute you can make more quilts more quickly. Happy quilting!

10/ Metalic industrial hook with very big M-Class bobbin.

ensures your smooth sewing over the years. Big M-Class bobbin with own thread cutter will save your time and newrves. For an idea: you can wind arround 210 yards (e.i. 195m) for 1 bobbin.

11/ Enhanced LED illumination

50 bright LED lights are positioned along the length of the machine and above the needle. Your quilt is excelent illuminated and work area has perfect visibility!

12/ Unique quilting frame

Standart frame for Bernina BERNINA Q 24 can be used for quilts with width 285cm, big frame BERNINA for quilts width 315 cm and small frame for quilts with breadth 190cm. Frame is robust and sturdy, is planned for intensive work during many years.  Bernina frame is equiped with metalic ratchets and fabric guides for perfect, quick and precise layering

13/ High of frame and possibility of movement

Do you wish to change hight of working area? Do you prefer to stay with one mode of work and sit with another quilting? Use our  hydraulic system of changing hight of quilting area. Press one button and your frame hight will accomodate to your actual quilting wisches

Is your quilting space too small? Once you prefer to work from front of frame and once from back of frame. Use   casters with brakes  and move your frame to your favorite position.  Brakes on each caster prohibit unintensional movement.


Guarantee for longarm systems Bernina  Q20 a Q24 is 200 000 000 stitches during 5 years.